Where is the Rice?

I reach France to attend the Women’s Forum and it is the first day of the program. I am rushing for a workshop at the Cartier Headquarters and the phone rings. It is my husband and the first thing that he wants to know is  Where is the rice?

Rice? Duh! Really!  – Of course I tell him without even blinking and off he goes.

What flabbergasts me the most is that there are some stereotypes that never die. Between me and my husband, none of us cook, we pretty much share grocery and other duties but when it comes to ‘Where’ I find that men tend to assume that women know and usually they are right.

If there was a ranking for domestic duty proficiency – chances are that I will flunk it and my husband will pass with flying colors. But yet, I find time and again that domestic oblique just comes and gets stuck to women, hard to be undone.

Ask any woman, most of them are very in-charge of things at home but even for those who are not – in a major way, find themselves owing that piece.

A conversation with Mary Kronin @marycronin of @thousandseeds over a meal revealed a similar pattern. Both of us sat there amazed at the fact that as two women who have never met, how similar our lives are.

During my conversations at Fleximoms, I realize domestic marshland is the most under stated reason why women don’t back their careers up or pursue their ambition. The unsaid order of things, the need to fulfill the expected and the randomness of routine.

No, I am not offering a solution.

Just wondering – on a bus ride from Deauville to Paris!