When the why is clear, how will follow

Actor and flexidad Manav Gohil: Our problems never trouble us. It’s our inability to deal with them that disturbs us.

The TV-to-films journey. The journey uphill is always demanding and rewarding both. More than theatre to TV or TV to films, I would look at this as an actor’s journey. Because from where I am looking, theatre, TV, ads, films, regional films.. they are all work. Sometimes, I can find a good script for theatre, and not any other platform and vice-versa! It’s about how I scale my journey today as an actor. On my drive back home, what am I feeling? Pride, joy, or complacence.

Buddhist Leanings. I am a Buddhist and practice Nichiren Daishonin’s Buddhism – a way of life based on the philosophy derived from the Lotus Sutra. I have been practicing it since 9 years and seen my life gradually transform.

An identity of your own. When Shweta and I went to the passport office to renew her passport, they insisted on having Shweta Manav Gohil – this despite the fact that Shweta remains Shweta Kawaatra after marriage. We found that in Maharashtra and Gujarat it’s a mandate of sorts to have the husbands’ name attached, unlike a lot of places up north. I was telling her that maybe I should change my name from Manav Gohil to Manav Gohil Kawaatra. Just that I think it’s a cooler surname.

Soaps and women. As far as soaps go and how they skew womens’ identities, they are predominantly targeted at the masses (also a reason you might see the lack of progression in them). Soaps are not really made for social awakening. They might be set amid social issues but essentially things boil down to TRPs.

Finding time for family. I make time. In this age and time, I am sure it must be difficult for all professionals to find “family time”, as much of it as they would like. I guess it turns out to be an art for all of us (me included) to try and balance things.

Balancing work and life. When we probe a phenomena, we only rediscover it, we don’t invent anything new. Work-life balance is an established fact of today’s life; discussing it might lead to a better understanding but the challenge itself cannot be eradicated. So I struggle with it. For me, it boils down to working towards expanding my state of life. Shoots, dubbings, meetings, rehearsals, time with Zahra, chats with Shweta, driver leaving, maid hunting, car breaking down… I think I can encompass it all. i just need to grow in my capacity. After all, our problems never trouble us. It’s our inability to deal with them that disturbs us.

Being a flexidad. This means a tremendous internal change for a man. I have personally experience this in the last 13 months. My respect for mothers.. actually women…has rocketed in the last few months. For dads, I guess it’s a journey of growth. I have always liked kids so I guess I came in pretty handy to Shweta with Zahra. I cannot spend time with them through the day and long to rush back home at 9.30 pm and wash up quickly and request Shweta if I can put Zahra to sleep in my arms. It’s so rewarding. Flexi-daddying is a leap of Faith. Hesitation transforms into a conviction to lead a better life. Just do it!

Keen on acting? When the why is clear, the how will follow! A lot of young people I meet act to either become famous or earn money. You cannot place the cart before the horse. If you have a dream, work (ON YOURSELF) towards it. If you love it enough, you will emerge a winner. or else Plan B is not a taboo.

The last word. All the best to all Fleximoms. You all rock  truly!