A Flexidad shares on work and working from home and kids

Amit Wilson, an entrepreneur, founder Storemore (www.storemore.in) and a flexidad, shared his perspectives on choices, order and chaos in an event hosted by Fleximoms. In a room full of fleximoms, Amit was brave enough to share his experiences and learnings candidly. We share some of the conversation with you. You can catch the pictures on our facebook page - www.facebook.com/fleximoms

  One of the thoughts that stayed with us is what Amit said.
 “As a Flexidad there are three things I learnt about work - it pays your bills, it gives you a sense of moving forward, learning, development and it gives you a chance to play with grown ups, especially after you have spent a large part of your day playing with children.”
He added, “What I also learnt is that what really matters is to enjoy what you are doing and being with your family. When one is sitting on one’s desk writing a proposal, and one of the kids comes running to show you something he has done, it is alright to go ahead and listen to him. The child needs your attention and shooing him away is not going to help. The fastest way to get back to work is to listen to him first. One of my favorite memories of my flexidad life is sitting on my desk writing a proposal with one of my boys sitting on lap. It is a memory I cherish forever. My biggest learning has been that you got to prioritize – listen and pay attention to your family.”
 Amit also feels that chaos is not all bad – you need chaos for creativity – for entrepreneurship and little chaos is great to tell you all is well. He thinks that too much order and silence is worrying.
When it comes to workspaces, getting organized and putting some order in life, Amit mentioned that as a flexidad he learnt that working in an office is really easy, you still get way more done – despite – the coffee breaks and gossip. An office allows you to carve out space and time.
Along the way Amit felt that as our living spaces get smaller, it becomes harder for families and professionals to manage space, time, work, choices equation. He and his partners set up StoreMore (www.storemore.in) as a professional service to help customer declutter their living spaces, organize work from home and manage papers and records better.
If you run a business out home, StoreMore helps you managed your documents, samples, paperwork, records – not in a dump them somewhere sort of way but in a sort them and use them when I need them sort of way. As a small business or a flex or work from home professional, it will help you organize your space. Amit also said that while we need to throw away a lot of stuff, there is still a lot that one needs to keep and organize. StoreMore also emphasizes on the approach that deal with your clutter now and decide. And that is an approach which helped Amit a lot personally.
Amit added, “In what I do today is helping you carve out space as you choose to work from home. I can help with carving out time, but yes with space.”
More power to you Amit and may your tribe grow!
If you are a flexidad, fleximom or a professional with a  work-life choice experience, story, idea – please get in touch. We are happy to have you join the conversation.

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